Ombre Hlavový Most Parochňu Kinky Afro Kučeravé Farebné Hlavu Kapely Ľudské Vlasy, Parochne Pre Čierne Ženy 180% Hustota Gabrielle Brazílsky Remy Vlasy

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Hnedé Hlavový Most Parochňu Kinky Afro Kučeravé Ombre Honey Blonde Šatku Krátke Ľudské Vlasy Pol Parochne Pre Čierne Ženy 180 Hustota Gabrielle

  • parochňa typ: Čelenka Parochňu Ľudské Vlasy
  • Materiál Triedy: Remy Vlasy
  • Vhodné Umiera Farby: Tmavšie Farby Len
  • Ľudské Vlasy Typ: Brazílsky Vlasy
  • Názov Značky: Gabrielle
  • Farba Vlasov: prirodzené farby/T1b30
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Spp Veľkosť: Priemerná Veľkosť
  • Textúra: Kinky Afro Kučeravé Parochňu

Štítky: vlasy ľudské parochňu, brazílsky vody vlna parochňu, alipearl, parochňa, 613 kučeravé čipky parochne, kiki kučeravé parochňu, veľké pletená parochne, čelenka ženy, rovno kinky parochňu, parochňa ženy.

I love this headband wig. The hair is beautiful and full. It matches my natural hair texture except my hair is thinner (which is why I like wigs). I ordered a second one for my 16 yr old daughter. She loves it too.
Love it so much bought a second one. It looks very natural once you put it on and fluff it. The headband patterns are cute. I like that the wig is attached to a black satin headband, that has a velcro snap. It fits snuggly and has 4 combs to add additional security. It's breathable too.
Qtsukan Lilyau1987ls
This hair is very beautiful. Really soft, full and no shedding or knots. Curls are beautiful. Will order another length soon.

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